Former Spice Girls star Melanie Chisholm regrets indulging her love of body art in her youth - because her tattoo collection helps fans recognise her when she's trying to relax.
The singer has numerous images inked all over her body including a large black cross on her left arm and a linked chain on her right.
And Chisholm admits her 11 tattoos often cause her problems.
She says, "I do regret a bit having them done (sic). Especially when I'm on the beach. Or when I'm hoping to go incognito and I can't take my coat off in the sweltering heat because everyone will know it's me when they spot them."
Chisholm has also found her tattoos are a major bother now she has landed a role in a West End musical - because her part in Blood Brothers means she has to use heavy make-up to disguise them every time she steps on stage.
She adds, "I have to cover them up every night on stage with camouflage cream: it takes forever. But they would look a bit out of place, wouldn't they?"