Are the Spice Girls going to get back together after all? There were rumours that the hugely successful British pop group will be getting back together this year at some point, even though a hotly rumoured appearance at the Queen's jubilee celebrations never manifested itself.
Rumours had been building all year, with some of the girls themselves chipping in that the multi-million selling five-piece would be reforming again in order of Her Majesty. However Melanie C said that it was Victoria Beckham's reluctance to get the band back together that scuppered those hopes. However, she is harbouring ambitions that they'll be playing some part in the Olympic concerts taking place in London to mark the games - apt, given that she's Sporty Spice. "I do hope that the Spice Girls could still be a part of it," she told UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph. "It's an event that only comes round once in our lifetime, so I would love for it to happen. We're talking."
The last time the Spice Girls reformed was in 2007, six years after breaking up in 2001, with tickets for the first London date of their World Tour selling out in 38 seconds. That tour was ended early in 2008 though, with many shows cancelled and rumours of returning acrimony. They're expected to all be there for the launch of the Spice Girls musical 'Viva Forever' though, with Mel C saying "Anyone who doesn't show will be in big trouble."