Spencer Pratt blames his agent for his impending bankruptcy.

The reality TV personality - who recently revealed he and wife Heidi Montag have squandered their $10 million Fortune - had laid the blame for the couple's financial woes on his agent.

Writing on his twitter page, he said: "If I had an agent in Hollywood that wanted to make money I wouldn't be broke. (sic)"

However, it would appear the 27-year-old star quickly regretted dishing out the blame, and conceded the reason he has to file for bankruptcy is because he and Heidi - who he recently reunited with following their split in April - didn't save any of their money.

Spencer tweeted six hours later: "On second thought if I had saved all my money I wouldn't be broke. (sic)"

The pair - who shot to fame after appearing in reality TV series 'The Hills' - are now living in a studio apartment in the grounds of Spencer's parent's California home.