'The Hills' star Spencer Pratt believes reality TV is "not a career".

The 27-year-old hunk met wife Heidi Montag while filming the show - which they attempted to build a career from - but he admitted the couple were being paid to be fake people and became "too famous" as a result.

He explained: "What we learned is; This isn't a business. That was the big thing I didn't get. Reality TV is not a career. Anyone who says, 'Oh, you can have a career in reality' - that is a lie.

"You can be too famous. We were all getting paid to be people we weren't for so long that you stop-there's no line. The gauge is gone. The Grey Area is gone."

Spencer has revealed the pair - who tied in the knot in 2009 - even faked their marriage split last year in order to earn more cash from pictures and interviews in the aftermath of their separation.

He added in an interview with The Daily Beast: "At that point, we were pulling our last cards. We felt the hot air balloon losing its gas. And at that stage, our income would be selling the photo that would go along with the divorce."

Despite their fame, Spencer insists the couple do not have any money and never did because they spent their cash as soon as they earned it in order to project a certain image.

He said: "I probably spent a million dollars on suits and fancy clothes. My whole million-dollar wardrobe-I would never wear that again. They're props. Everything we were doing, we were buying props. I bought a big blue monster truck just to drive it on 'The Hills' for an episode. Never drove it again."