Spencer Pratt ''enjoys humans more'' now that he's a father.

The 'Hills' alum welcomed his son Gunner - whom he has with his wife Heidi Montag - into the world in October, and has said that whilst he hasn't always been the biggest fan of other people, he now can't help but have a newfound softness in his heart.

He said: ''My favourite part of fatherhood is seeing a baby so innocent. Until you watch a human being born and watch a little baby growing and learning how to smile and waiting for a baby to giggle ... it's definitely made me enjoy humans more.

''We were all little babies. Even the people I can't stand, they were once sweet little babies. What happened to them?''

Not every moment of fatherhood has been a walk in the park for the 34-year-old reality star though, as he revealed he has already experienced the horror of having his son pee on him.

Asked what his most embarrassing parenting moment has been so far, Spencer said: ''I would say the first time my son peed all over me and it was just really hot. I was adjusting to being urinated on, so that was like, 'Oh, there's hot pee all over me,' and I kind of acted like a baby.

''I ran and showered. I've been peed on since and I handled it way better. You can't get frustrated.''

And Spencer thinks his ''smiling'' baby boy definitely takes after his mother more than his father, as he's not ''grumpy'' enough to be like Spencer.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''My son Gunner definitely takes after Heidi because he comes off genuinely sweet. He just seems like the sweetest little baby. He's always smiling. I feel like I would be a grumpy baby.''

It comes after Heidi, 31, recently said she wants her six-month-old son to grow up to be his own person.

She said: ''I just want him to enjoy his life, and not live in his parents' mistakes or shadows.''