Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams want to name their son after their respective late brother and father.

The couple are expecting their first child, a baby boy, and the former 'Made In Chelsea' star and his fiancée have started thinking about what to call the tot when he's born in September.

Both have suffered grief in their lives with Spencer's older sibling Michael dying in 1999 at the age of just 22, whilst Vogue lost her dad Freddie after he passed away in 2010 from a stroke at the age of 68 during an operation to remove an aneurysm.

The couple both want to incorporate their late loved ones' monikers when naming their son.

During an appearance as a guest panellist on 'Loose Women' on Friday (25.05.18), Spencer said: ''The baby is due in early September. I'm extremely excited, I've always loved kids so I can't wait. Everything so far seems to be going smoothly ... We've known we're having a boy for so long that obviously we've thought of names and we do have a few favourites. I just don't know how much Vogue would be happy with me revealing them! I don't think it has to be a secret that my brother passed away and so did her father and we would like to incorporate their names in our child's name in some way and we have a few front runners. We're not 100 per cent yet though.''

Spencer, 28, has always been open about the effect his brother's death has had on him and his other sibling, 42-year-old James Matthews - who is married to Pippa Middleton, the sister of Prince William's wife Duchess Catherine.

Michael died whilst climbing down Mount Everest and his sense of adventure has shaped Spencer's attitude to life.

The reality TV star previously said: ''When you lose someone, their memory lives on. It's always nice to think about them. I was 10, he was 22. He was the youngest to climb Everest. He lives on in our family. We celebrate his birthday every year. Whenever you feel like giving up, you always think of them and it stops you. Mike was a very tough person to live up to. We try to treat every day like he did. He was very successful.''