Spencer Matthews hopes his son has a ''naughty streak''.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star - who is expecting his first child, a boy, with wife Vogue Williams - was encouraged by his own father to be ''nice and naughty'' growing up, so he wants the same for his own offspring and admitted it makes him sad when he sees ''really quiet'' kids.

He said: ''It's important for every child to have a bit of a naughty streak. It fills me with sadness when little kids are so . . . proper now.

''There's nothing worse than a child staring at a laptop, really quiet.''

The 29-year-old star used to be known for his wild partying and womanising ways but insists he's changed and grown up now because he wants to set a good example to his son.

He told The Times newspaper: ''It's a simple case of growing up. You align what's important differently.

''My family is extremely close and will always be with each other, and I want that for myself. When I was young, all I wanted to do was go to nightclubs, drink, have fun and be unproductive.

''I think you get bored [of partying]. I've no interest in being the centre of attention that I used to love. I want to set a better example for my unborn son, who is going to be with us soon. And my ideal night is spending it in with Vogue.''

When Spencer was 10, his brother Michael became the youngest person to scale Mount Everest at the age of 22, but tragically vanished on the descent.

And though he knows his parents wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect, the reality star is keen to climb the mountain himself to feel closer to his sibling and to raise money for the Michael Matthews Foundation, which builds schools in deprived parts of Africa and Asia.

But he admitted: ''I wouldn't want to put my parents through it, to be honest. I don't think they'd get any sleep.

''But it is something, perhaps, in the distant future that I'll have a crack at. I feel as though it will bring me closer to Mike. Not that I'm distant from him. I think about him a lot. T

''he body was never discovered. He's still there. So it would be being as close as you can get to being with him.

''And he was a bit of a hero in our family, so it would be nice to know that he was somewhere near.''