Spencer Matthews has been thinking of marrying his girlfriend Vogue Williams.

The 28-year-old former 'Made in Chelsea' has been dating the 31-year-old radio DJ since the beginning of the year when they met on winter sports show 'The Jump' out in Austria, and after buying a house together, Spencer is adamant Vogue is ''The One''.

Spencer is looking forward to setting up home with Vogue and he readily admits he can imagine himself making the blonde beauty his wife.

Speaking to Star magazine, Spencer said: ''We can't wait. We spent most nights together anyway, so it made sense. The best thing people say to me about Vogue is that I'm punching and I just think 'Well, yes, I am.'

''I would say that she is absolutely The One. I can't see it any other way. [Marriage] is a possibility I wouldn't rule out. You've caught me at a really loved-up moment. Vogue's going to be mortified.''

Although they just started off as friends while taking part in the Channel 4 show, Vogue admitted she knew there was something special about the TV hunk because he won over her parents almost straight away after going out for dinner with them.

Spencer jumped into the limelight when he was just 21 after he signed up to the E4 reality TV show and, although he made a name for himself as a womaniser, Vogue is confident that he is a changed man because he's grown up a lot since then.

Vogue said on 'Loose Women' on Monday (02.10.17): ''He is very charming. I think when Spencer was on 'Made in Chelsea' he was 21. As a 21-year-old boy, he was doing what a lot of 21-year-old boys wanted to do. He didn't want to be in a serious relationship for too long. I haven't tamed him in anyway. He's 29 now so he's grown up a lot from 'Made in Chelsea'.''

And he's also helped her with her crippling anxiety.

She added: ''He's just a really positive person to be around and he's happy all the time. It just rubs off on you. I think it's good to have that presence in your life.''