Spencer Matthews feels like a ''better person'' after giving up alcohol.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star ditched the booze before his and wife Vogue Williams' son Theodore was born 18 months ago, and he thinks sobriety has made him more ''productive and creative''.

He said: ''It's difficult to find any negatives to be honest. Your mind works better and you're more productive and creative.

''I'm not here to bash alcohol because it's great fun but for me, not drinking unlocked my brain and made me feel like I could do things that I didn't think were possible, I think I'm just a better person as a result and I'm fitter and more switched on in general.

''Life without alcohol is very different and you'll rarely find someone who gives up alcohol that regrets doing it. It's definitely worth a try.''

And Spencer doesn't believe people should automatically link alcohol with fun as it can also ''lead to mistakes''.

He told heat magazine: ''I don't think alcohol and fun should necessarily be viewed as a pair.

''Obviously drinking leads to fun sometimes but it also leads to mistakes and to feeling terrible.

''It's a social thing, but ultimately, I think you can enjoy that social experience without the negative impact that comes with alcohol.''

The 31-year-old reality star insisted going sober hasn't impacted on his social life.

He said: ''I never found non-drinking around others who drink difficult.

''I've never really been peer-pressured to do anything.

''I think, if you don't feel like drinking, you shouldn't drink.

''If people peer pressure you to drink, then they're not your real mates.''