Spencer Matthews forgot to write a wedding speech when he married Vogue Williams.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star tied the knot with pregnant partner Vogue Williams back in June and because their Scottish nuptials - which took place in the grounds of his family's estate - were so low-key and intimate, he only remembered long after they'd exchanged vows that he'd be expected to say some words in front of their small group of guests so had to make something up on the spot.

He said: ''The strange thing is, and this is no joke, but because the whole thing was so casual, I didn't write a speech. And it came to my attention as we were wandering over to what you'd call the grill room, that I was going to have to make one. We'd had a few glasses of champagne with our cake by this point and it's a good thing I went to acting school - I was more than happy taking centre stage.''

The couple - who are planning a second wedding abroad for their friends to attend - opted not to send out official invitations and shunned the tradition of spending the night apart before they said ''I do''.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Spencer admitted: ''I think we managed an hour apart just before while Vogue was putting the finishing touches to her hair-do.''

Spencer, 30, and Vogue, 32, opted to marry before their baby is born as they thought it would be ''nice'' for them to all have the same surname, and because they knew they won't have much time for wedding planning when they're getting to grips with parenthood.

Spencer said: ''It's nice for a baby to be born into a family with the same name. But it wasn't a huge concern. We just thought if we're going to go down the super casual route, why not do it sooner rather than later?''

Vogue added: ''When the baby comes, everything else would have gone on the backburner anyway - including the wedding.''