Sparks want to rework 'Everybody's Stupid' in honour of President Donald Trump and his wife.

The duo have previously name-checked First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Mary Lincoln in their songs and joked revisiting one of their old songs would ''probably work'' if they wanted to reference the current US leader's spouse, Melania Trump.

Asked if they'd do a song about Melania, singer Russell Mael said: ''There's a song we did already called 'Everybody's Stupid'. That could probably work. We'll do a re-recorded version of that. An updated version.

His brother, keyboardist Ron Mael added: ''I think 'Help' would be a good song title.''

But the brothers don't want to write a song about the controversial president because they think it is too obvious to point out the fact he is a ''bad guy''.

Asked if it's hard to be ironic in the age of Trump, identity politics and nuclear testing, Russell said: ''You can't concoct anything that's on the level of all of those things you'ev mentioned.

''That is one of the reasons why we steer away from doing anything overly political - like referencing Trump or things that are happening in the world. It seems one dimensional to sing, 'Ain't Trump a bad guy?' We know he's a bad guy and our saying that probably isn't going to help anything.''

However, the 'This Town Ain't Big Enough For the Both Of Us' hitmakers do like songs, which reference real people.

Ron told Q magazine: ''You don't often see proper names in songs. Apart from maybe 'Bette Davis Eyes'. So many lyrics just seemed generic. At least when you have a proper name it is pointed in some sort of way and you can work backwards and try to figure out what the song is about.''