Pop band Spandau Ballet could be the next act to join the recent spate of musical reunions after singer TONY HADLEY hinted the warring group could reform. Frontman Hadley has suggested the '80s pop act could reunite for the group's 30th anniversary in 2011 - providing they sorted out their bitter dispute over royalties which ended up in High court. He says, "There'll have to be an awful lot of things remedied because it did get personal and it went a bit too far. The next window that I see would be our 30th anniversary." The GOLD hitmaker's comments comes as something as a u-turn. In February (07) he stated there would never be a reunion, claiming, "I'm doing great without the band. "I know you should never say never and bands in the past have said hell would freeze over before they got back together, but in our case I think hell is frozen and we still wouldn't do it."