Former Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley is in "shock" following the news his pal has been kidnapped by Colombian terrorists.

The TRUE star developed a close friendship with TV producer MARK HENDERSON while they were working together on this year's (03) reality show REBORN IN THE USA, and despite the scary situation, he's confident his pal is strong enough to survive the ordeal.

Henderson, 31, was on a trek to the Colombian rainforest when he was snatched on Friday (12SEP03). Seven of the 15-strong group have since been released, but Henderson remains a hostage.

Hadley says, "It's a real shock. You don't expect something like that to happen to someone you work with. Mark's a smashing fella, a very nice guy.

"He's a solid chap and he's pretty tough. He's not a wimp at all so I'm sure he'll be alright but it must be b***** frightening."

16/09/2003 02:27