South Park took on JERSEY SHORE yesterday (13th October 2010) when an episode of the comedy series featured an animated version of 'Snooki', from the MTV hit reality show. The creators of South Park didn't hold back, and the 22-year-old was made out to be a "hilariously, hideously, crouching, rutting figure", according to Entertainment Weekly.
The episode followed Randy's attempt to solve the 'Jersey problem', which was that 'orange-skinned Jersey-ites were overrunning the entire country', and in true South Park style, the plan was typically controversial. Randy sent a video appeal to Osama Bin Laden, begging for Al-Qaeda's help, and sure enough, suicide bombers began to descend on the Colorado town to rid it of its Jersey population. However, an American sniper suddenly shot Bin Laden, with Randy shouting "We got him!" in triumph, revealing that the call for aid was simply a cunning plan to lure Bin Laden out of hiding.
Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, is the infamous and often controversial star of Jersey Shore, and the New York Times have described her depiction in the South Park episode as a "Gremlins style parody".