South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker owe the success of their controversial cartoon show to their last-minute planning - because they're convinced ideas would be pulled if TV lawyers had time to think about risque storylines. The duo have upset religious groups, celebrities and family organisations with episodes featuring JESUS, Saddam Hussein and, most recently, Tom Cruise. And they feel sure shows wouldn't air if legal experts had time to weigh up the impact of the controversy they cause. Stone and Parker admit even they were stunned when bosses at their Comedy Central network in America green-lighted their controversial Scientology episode last year (05), which poked fun at Cruise's sexuality. Stone says, "We kind of avoided doing the episode for a long time because of Scientology's reputation for taking you to court. And when we ran the idea past the lawyers, they said, 'That's cool.'" Parker adds, "Since we do a show basically the week of, it was really the Wednesday before that show aired that we said, 'Let's do a Scientology show.' The lawyers didn't have time to start talking."