The creators of controversial cartoon series South Park have blasted bosses of their US TV network Cartoon Central for blanking an image of MOHAMMED during an episode, following threats of violence from Muslim fundamentalists. Just weeks after the TV executives enraged Matt Stone and Trey Parker by refusing to air a repeat of their controversial 2005 Scientology episode, the pair were further annoyed when an Islam-related episode was censored. Comedy Central president DOUG HERZOG has since admitted that TV executives may have "over-reacted" but Stone and Parker are still upset by the decision to doctor their show. Parker says, "If you're saying that this is the one thing we can't do, besides Tom Cruise, because they're threatening violence, well, then, I guess that's what everyone should do. "If the Catholics don't want us ripping on Jesus anymore, they should just threaten violence, and they'll get their way." Stone adds, "It's just an image and it's harmless. I was absolutely sure that Comedy Central would have let us do that because of our track record. It was just kind of disappointing because we thought we could do something really important."