LATEST: US network Comedy Central has scheduled a 19 July (06) air date for a controversial Emmy-nominated episode of South Park that lampoons Scientology and Tom Cruise. A repeat of the episode, titled TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET, was pulled from the schedule at the last minute in May (06). The show's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were furious with Comedy Central and the gesture is an attempt by the cable network to repair the rift in the relationship. The duo were told the episode was pulled because Cruise was unhappy with the subject matter. Cruise's representatives have repeatedly denied any involvement in pulling the episode, which prompted Scientologist Isaac Hayes, who voiced the character CHEF, to quit the show. Stone insists he is not convinced saying, "I only know what we were told, that people involved with MISSION: Impossible III wanted the episode off the air and that is why Comedy Central had to do it. "I don't know why else it would have been pulled."