Tyler, The Creator's manager has spoken out in defence of the embattled rapper after he was arrested for allegedly inciting a riot at the South by Southwest (Sxsw) festival, insisting the star is not the "bad guy".

The Odd Future frontman was taken into custody in Austin, Texas on 15 March (14) and booked on the charge following his show in the city two nights earlier (13Mar14).

The 23 year old, real name Tyler Okonma, is accused of urging fans outside the venue to push past barriers and security to gain access to the gig, but his lawyer, Perry Q. Minton, issued a statement on Thursday (20Mar14) declaring video footage shot at the gig will prove his innocence.

Now his manager, Christian Clancy, has shared his take on the controversy in a lengthy post on his Tumblr.com blog.

In the message, Clancy reveals Tyler had a "punk rock moment", but claims, "the energy and intent of that show was not anger or aggression.. kumbaya (calm and spiritual)? of course not. but this simply isn't as its being portrayed. no one was hurt. u likely don't believe me (i get it..)...

"find the whole show on you tube.. just seeing an edited 7 seconds of kids running/walking in doesn't exactly sum it up... everyone was happy after the show. zero bad energy backstage. as his manager no one came up to me regarding the 'incident' (sic)."

Clancy goes on to clear up common misconceptions about Tyler, The Creator, adding, "i understand how easy it is to paint tyler as a bad guy.. i honestly do.. but as someone who has spent a whole lot of time around him i can only say dig deeper. ask his fans. ask his friends... this is a guy who has never had a drink or drug in his life. this is a guy who is building his own businesses and challenging the old ones (sic)."

He concludes, "im not here to defend every move tyler makes, but i will stand by him and defend his character because i know him, the context, and have witnessed the growth (sic)."

Tyler, The Creator was released on bail in the hours after his arrest and flew to Dallas for another gig.