The 21 year old arrested and charged with crimes related to Wednesday's (12Mar14) car crash tragedy at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas was billed to perform on the same night.

Rashad Owens, who is accused of ploughing into a crowd of revellers outside The Mohawk Club and then attempting to escape arrest by running away from the scene, was scheduled to perform as KillingAllBeatz at Club 1808 before the incident, which claimed the lives of two people.

It is not clear why he didn't appear.

Dutch music executive Steven Craenmehr and 27-year-old Jamie Ranae West have been identified as the two people who died in the accident. West's husband Evan is still recovering from his injuries in hospital.

Meanwhile, Sxsw organisers have set up a fund, Sxsw Cares, to assist the survivors of the tragedy cover medical bills.

Owners of The Mohawk Club, who scrapped all gigs billed for the venue on Thursday (13Mar14) following the car crash, will re-open the place on Friday night (14Mar14).