Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is adamant the rock band reunited for the sake of its fans, insisting: "It's not a cash in."
The Black Hole Sun hitmakers announced last year (10) they were back together for the first time in 12 years, and it emerged in February (11) they are now in the studio working on new songs.
Bassist Ben Shepherd sparked speculation the reunion was money-driven after he confessed he's broke and "technically homeless" - but Cornell has now spoken out to reassure fans the rockers did not plan the comeback for cash.
He tells Mojo magazine, "It's not a cash-in, we control what we do. We didn't reform and then do a world tour followed by a rushed studio album. I'm sure there were a number of opinions when it was first announced, but getting back together felt as natural as forming the band in the first place.
"There was also concern about protecting the band's legacy. There was no catalogue promotion, no Soundgarden website. So we got back together to have a discussion about serving the fanbase and it felt really great. That led to a discussion, 'Maybe we should get back into a room and play songs.' ... But it all happened in a much faster and more comprehensive way than I would have imagined, because I never really thought about it. Once we were in a room things kind of happened fast."