Soundgarden guitarist KIM THAYIL has raised fans' hopes for an album of brand new material after revealing the rockers have been "jamming and inventing" in the studio.
The reunited band, fronted by Chris Cornell, released its first project in 14 years, Telephantasm, in October (10). The disc featured hits from Soundgarden's 1990s heyday and a number of previously unreleased tracks.
But Thayil has hinted there could be some fresh songs on the way in the near future, in what would be the group's first album of original tunes since their split in 1998.
He says, "When we get together to rehearse it's natural for us... to start jamming and inventing.
"We've come up with instrumental, and certainly on occasion, lyrical ideas. I'm not confirming anything, but it's impossible for us to get in a room and not come up with ideas."
However, Thayil has warned devotees not to get too worked up just yet - because the other bandmembers are still finishing up various side projects.
He adds, "The guys have other commitments, but this (Soundgarden) is the thing we're most excited about."