Hip-hop star Soulja Slim has been shot dead on his mother's front lawn in New Orleans, America.

The solo artist - who has also worked with rappers including Snoop Dogg and DIRTY SOUTH BOYZ - was shot three times in the face and once in the chest last Wednesday (26NOV03).

Slim's stepfather, who did not want to be named, said jealously - the rapper was widely tipped for national success - may have been the cause of the shooting.

He said, "When you're a rapper, you have a few jealousies. He was an open fellow. He would open his house to anyone. If he had any enemies, I don't know."

Police have made no arrests but witnesses report a man wearing dark clothes running from the scene shortly afterwards.

The 25-year-old - real name JAMES TAPP - was childhood friends with influential hip-hop star Master P and his brother C-MURDER, who was sentenced to life in prison last month (OCT03) for killing a 16-year-old man.

01/12/2003 17:30