Reports suggest police in Panama City received a tip off about marijuana smoke emanating from his dressing room at the Club La Vela venue, where the rapper had performed, and stormed the backstage area looking for illegal substances.

Soulja Boy claims the rumours of his crew smoking weed are false, as he had only just finished his set when the cops arrived and searched everyone in his entourage in the early hours of Wednesday (30Mar16).

The hip-hop star insists no one had done anything wrong, but cops discovered less then half an ounce of pot in the room and decided to slap handcuffs on his spokeswoman, Erica Nailor, even though it wasn't even found on her person or in her belongings.

Soulja Boy has since returned to the U.S., but he is adamant the raid was a set up and he is confident the charges against Nailor will be dismissed.

He recalled to, "I performed, I had a show, the cops rushed into my dressing room... I didn't have nothing on me, nobody in my entourage had nothing on them (sic). They found something and they took my publicist to jail. It was crazy. I didn't do nothing though (sic)..."

The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker continued to defend Nailor and his pals, adding, "Nobody was smoking. She only had a joint, it was around her, so they put it on her. They could've put it on me, they could've put it on anybody."

He has since vowed to bail Nailor out, stating, "She good, it was just an unfortunate accident that happened...

"I got money, we bailin' her out. The case gon' get dropped, it's bulls**t... It's all good though... I know I was targeted, and I know it was a set up, but fortunately, I'm not in jail."

The international incident has now prompted Soulja to ban all drug use while at work, concluding, "Everywhere we go now, no weed, no nothing, not even me (sic)!"