The American rapper is currently gearing up for a grudge boxing match with Chris Brown, and it seems his mind has been preoccupied as he’s slipped behind on the payments for his Hollywood Hills pad.

The unnamed landlord told TMZ Soulja Boy leased the house in October for $6,000 (£4,900) a month, but is already $6,000 behind on rent. He adds that when he asks for the cash, Soulja Boy blows him off, but if he doesn’t get paid by the end of the week (ends15Jan17) he’ll kick the star out.

The threat comes days after the 26-year-old’s house was burgled. The thief made off with with $10,000 (£8,150) in cash and $12,000 (£9,780) of jewellery, according to the gossip website.

Chris and Soulja’s fight looks set to take place in Dubai, because Las Vegas, where the match was originally scheduled, has strict regulatory restrictions which got in the way.

Soulja claims the pair's feud stems from him liking a picture of Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran on Instagram, which led to Chris making threatening phone calls to the Crank That star.

TMZ reports a portion of the fight’s purse will go to charity.