LATEST: Soulja Boy has declared his feud with ICE-T is over, while praising Kanye West for supporting him in his war of words with the gangster rapper.
The Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker - real name DeAndre Ramone Way - was dragged into a public spat with Ice-T after the rapper-turned-actor criticised the young star and his "garbage" music in a U.S. radio interview last month (Jun08).
The 17-year-old posted an angry response on video sharing website, calling Ice-T "old as f**k" and insisting his attack was merely an attempt at drumming up publicity.
West then weighed in on the argument - backing Soulja Boy and comparing him to rap legend Nas.
But Soulja Boy has now ended the row, claiming "it's over with for me".
He tells, "Basically comments were made (by Ice-T) and I had to defend myself. The GZA (of Wu-Tang Clan) had said something about me one time and 50 (Cent) jumped it in. And this time it was Ice-T and Kanye jumped in it. It's the new hip-hop sticking together and I love it.
"Look how many people came out with records last year: Party Like a Rockstar, A Bay Bay, Wipe Me Down. He (Ice-T) chose me because out of all those records, mine was the biggest one. And (it was) not just the record but me individually."