Rap star Soulja Boy isn't modest about his success - he is adamant his only competition in music is Michael Jackson.
The hip-hop star was propelled to fame after landing the number one spot in the U.S. charts with hit track Crank That (Soulja Boy).
And despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, he insists there are no rivalries between him and his contemporaries - because no other singer is as good.
He tells MTV.com, "I don't really look at nobody as competition. I feel like I got my own lane, and I don't have to worry about nobody. Anybody I feel is competition, I gotta knock them out the box.
"If there's anybody that ever crossed my mind - I say, 'Man, he might be a problem for me,' then I have to get rid of him."
But the star admits he does take inspiration from one fellow musician - king of pop Michael Jackson.
He adds: "As far as getting my inspiration for stage performance, it has always been Michael Jackson. I remember I watched the DVD... Michael Jackson came and stood onstage for 10 minutes. They was screaming the whole 10 minutes. I actually imitated that a couple of times in my show."