Rapper Soulja Boy has dismissed reports he has been sentenced to 12 months' probation stemming from his arrest at a music video shoot in October (09).
Police responded to complaints of noise coming from the Crank That (Soulja Boy) hitmaker's shoot in Georgia, which involved a cast and crew of 40 people, including fans he had invited to participate.
The hip-hop star, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, fled on foot when cops arrived. He was later taken to Henry County jail, where he spent the night before he was released on bond.
Reports last month (Feb10) claimed he was charged with obstruction and sentenced to a year on probation, as well as having to pay a $1,000 (£625) fine.
But the 19 year old has shot down the allegations, insisting his record is clean.
He says, "I just want to let everybody know that I didn't get probation. That was like a news blast that was everywhere. I know there's like 12 months probation going around, but I just want to let all my fans know that I ain't got no record. I ain't got no probation or nothing. I did go to court, but I just had to pay a fine so I'm not on probation."