Soulja Boy has reportedly been arrested for breaking the terms of his probation after police found a gun at his house.

The 'Crank That' rapper is believed to have been taken in by the Los Angeles Police Department after they received an anonymous tip off on Thursday (15.12.16) that he ''had been threatening people online with guns'' with the weapon stowed at his Hollywood Hills mansion, according to TMZ.

After cops searched the 'Kiss Me Thru The Phone' star's home he was spotted at a North Hollywood police station where he had been driven to led by a patrol car.

The hip-hop star was to be released from his probation, which banned him from carrying weapons, at the end of December.

The 26-year-old musician - whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way - was serving a 24-month parole before his arrest after he was found in possession of a loaded gun in 2014.

Soulja Boy caused concern for his well-being in August, when he posted a disturbing video on social media threatening an unknown person with a gun.

In the clip, he says: ''Hey dude, f*** you and f*** Nia Riley. Stop playing me 'fore some shooters be outside your house.''

He added: ''Kill you, stop playing with me.''

Soulja Boy's former flame Nia Riley told the gossip website at the time that he was hitting out an internet troll in the video and she would not report it to the police.

The American musician was previously arrested in 2011 in a separate case involving drugs and weapons.