Rapper Soulja Boy has apologised to fans after he was released on bail following his arrest in Georgia on Tuesday (18Oct11).
The 21-year-old hip-hop star - real name DeAndre Cortez Way - was detained on suspicion of drug possession after cops stopped and searched the car he was travelling in. The officers allegedly found marijuana, cash and a number of guns inside the vehicle.
The rapper was taken to Caroll County Jail along with four other men and they were all booked for marijuana possession and a gun charge, according to Tmz.com. They were later released after posting a bail bond.
Following his release, Soulja Boy took to his Twitter.com page to tell fans about the incident, revealing the arrest forced him to miss a number of interviews to promote the Dvd release of Soulja Boy - The Movie.
He also thanked his supporters who waited for him outside the jail.
In a series of posts, he writes, "Thank you and I'm sorry. Love you forever, seeing your letters and you standing outside that jail made me feel the love. My fans r (are) the best... I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie! To those companies I'm sorry! You can see I had a lil (sic) situation. The show must go on... Aye can I have a real n**ga moment? My fans was (sic) deep as f**k outside that jail man I'm sorry!!! That's love!"