Sophie Turner was a ''troublemaker'' when she was 18.

The 22-year-old actress - who is engaged to Joe Jonas - insists she is more of a ''mediator'' these days, but tries not to get involved in situations involving people she cares about.

Asked about her new movie 'Josie', and whether she identifies more with her character's troublemaking or mediating sides, she said: ''I think I used to be one that would stir up trouble. Now, I don't think I'm that so much; I'm more of a mediator.

''To be honest, I just stay out of everyone's business. I stay out of everything, I'm very impartial.

''I'm definitely not a troublemaker anymore, but I'm sure I was when I was 17, 18. I just wanted to get into trouble.

''Now I'm an adult, you know? I'm grown up.''

Sophie is best known for plays Sansa Stark in 'Game of Thrones' and, now the series is coming to an end, she'd love the ''challenge'' of working on a comedy.

She told Vulture: ''I'd love to do a comedy, just because I feel like it would really stretch me.

''All of my roles seem to be very dark, and I think it would be really fun to do a comedic role, not because I feel like it's lighter or anything -- which obviously it is -- but because I think comedy is one of the hardest things to do, to get the timing right.

''I'm not even sure if I have comedic timing. I think it would be a real challenge.

''You know when people say, 't's easy to cry on camera, but the hardest thing to do is laugh on camera?'

''I think it's one of those things where people assume that comedy will be easy, but for me, crying and being completely depressed and a victim of darkness, it's so much easier for me than being funny.

''So, a comedy would be the most challenging thing, I think, for me to do.''

The British star thinks a musical would push her even more - but she doesn't believe she has the vocal talent to be involved in such a project.

She said: ''To be honest, a musical would be the most challenging thing for me to do, but I can't sing.

''If I could get Shakira to dub over my voice, that would be really good. That's the only way I would do it. I definitely wouldn't rule it out. I'd need voice coaching.''