The star was launched into the spotlight in 2000 as part of girlgroup Bardot, which formed on the Aussie version of British TV talent show Popstars, but they only lasted two years before splitting in 2002.

Monk now admits her early days as a singing sensation took a massive toll on her health.

She says, "I think being famous overnight, I wouldn't be surprised if I had post traumatic stress disorder... It's just not normal for everyone to know you all of the sudden... There was no other show like it, ever, it was before Australian Idol... It was so crazy, people used to pull my hair out... I remember being in Singapore and they had to shut the escalators and give us police escorts, it was a bit like Michael Jackson."

However, Monk insists she is now much better at dealing with life in the spotlight, adding, "I've been doing it for years, I don't know any different really since I've been an adult."