Sophie Ellis-Bextor has no idea if people like her.

The 'Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer' singer says she doesn't know whether people like her music or not, but will only release songs she thinks are "good quality".

She said: "I've never been someone who's good at knowing their public perception and I quite like the ignorance of not really knowing, and just getting on with making music that I think is good quality.

"I care about pop music enough that I just want to make quality stuff that earns its right to be part of what's going on. Ultimately, you can't be too proud about it. You put the music out there and whatever will be will be. If it all goes really badly then it's probably because it wasn't very good.

"That's the way you have to think. You put out your music and it's got its own destiny. Of course there are other factors as well and I do believe the good will out so if things are good enough they will find their way. I just want to put out stuff that I think is worthwhile."

Sophie insists it is important for an artist to believe in their own material as otherwise it is disparaging for fans who buy your records.

She added to Popjustice: "Remember when Oasis put out an album and someone asked Noel Gallagher, 'What's it like?' and he replied 'Oh, it's the same old s**t as the last one'. Well that obviously means that they don't have a very high opinion of the people buying their music. And I don't really like that attitude."