Sophie Ellis-Bextor says you can't afford to be hesitant when it comes to shopping for vintage clothes.

The 'Bittersweet' singer is known for her quirky fashion sense and loves buying second-hand outfits but admits she has to be quick off the mark when she founds something she likes.

She said: "My style is very quirky and cartoony, a lot of bright colours and bold patterns, but feminine. Very vintage too. I collect lots of vintage dresses; my wardrobe is 50-50 old and new. With vintage you're always looking for that piece and you have to get it then, as you may not see it again."

Although she loves vintage clothes, Sophie does enjoy splashing out on designer items but is pleased lots of designers are teaming up with high street stores to create more affordable lines.

She told sixtynine magazine: "It's lovely, it's aspirational but having more affordable lines is great - especially with the current climate. I love the Lanvin range for H&M."

As well as a love of clothes, Sophie is also a huge make-up fan and was thrilled when she became the face of the cosmetics firm Rimmel.

She said: "Just done the shoot for the new Rimmel campaign. I love that job. It's like a teenage dream. It was the first brand I ever bought, I have to pinch myself when doing it."