Pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor loves to pole dance when she has had a few drinks.

The MIXED UP WORLD star enjoys her new sexy pastime - but is glad no paparazzi have caught her antics on film yet.

She explains, "Whenever I get a bit tipsy, pole dancing is something I suddenly think I'm very good at it. You know you go to a club, you see a pole and you dance around it.

"I've done it in Paris and London so far, which sounds quite glam I have to say. I'm just glad there have been no photographers around to witness it."

However, recently-single Sophie - who has dyed her brunette hair blonde - is not planning to use her dancing skills to attract the attention of a new suitor.

She adds, "The funny thing about being blonde is that I've had a lot of men go out of their way to tell me they prefer brunettes. It's almost like they think you've become a blonde to tempt them.

"I do get approached by men but I'm rubbish at knowing when someone fancies me. Then when I fancy someone, there's no mistaking it because I'm rubbish at hiding it. I get a bit embarrassed and bang into things and stuff."

20/10/2003 13:45