German customs officials demanded newly blonde pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor sing and dance for them before they would allow her into their country.

The British star recently dyed her once raven locks blonde, but the airport officials at Templehof, Berlin struggled to believe Sophie had the right passport - until she performed 30 seconds of her hit MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR.

A pal of the singer says, "To start with she took it as a joke. But after an hour, then two hours, and then three, she was obviously ratty.

"Eventually one (security guard) suggested if she really was a star, she should sing a song. Sophie wasn't happy but she could see it was either that, or turn around and go home again. She only sang for a little while and she did some very little dance moves with it."

Sophie was visiting Berlin to promote her new single MIXED UP WORLD.

12/10/2003 10:08