Sophie Ellis-Bextor refuses to wash off her make up.

The 35-year-old singer has confessed she is ''lazy'' when it comes to removing cosmetics, in spite of her mother's attempts to instill in her a good beauty regime, and even opts to sleep in ''amazing'' eye make up because she thinks it looks better the next day.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I think my mum always tried to impress on me quite a good beauty regime when it comes to things like taking make up off or whatever but actually I'm quite lazy, quite often I just go to sleep, especially if I've got amazing eye make up on, I'll just sleep in it until the next morning.

''Sometimes with eye make up it can look better the next day. It depends how well it's lasted really.''

The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' hitmaker - who recently designed a line of tights for hosiery company Pretty Polly and stars in a stunning campaign for the brand - revealed her svelte figure is all down to good genes, in particular those she inherited from her father and grandmother, Sybil.

She said: ''I get my height from my dad, he's 6'4'' and I've got the same legs as my granny on that side, so it's thanks to the Sybil factor really, that's where I get my pins from.''

The brunette beauty - who has Sonny, 10, Ray, 5, and Kit, 2, with her husband, The Feeling bassist Richard Jones - also insisted she isn't ''a slave to the gym'' but enjoys staying fit so she can keep up with her young boys and perform to the best of her ability on stage.

She said: ''I'm not a slave to the gym or anything like that.

''I like to feel fit, not necessarily because of weight control, but I like to feel quite capable, quite strong actually. That really helps me not just with running around after my kids, I've got three little boys, but also when I'm on stage I like to run around a lot and jump up and down and you don't really want to be getting too out of breath by that.''

Sophie's new collection for Pretty Polly is set to launch in Spring 2015.