Pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor's discovering being pregnant is having a bizarre impact on her sanity - she's developed a craving for "smashed glass" and wants to call her unborn child SATAN.

The MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR star, 24 - who is seven months pregnant with her first child - is convinced she is possessed, and blames the feeling on her "strange" pregnancy.

She says, "I'm very happy but I'm having a very strange pregnancy. I haven't had any of the normal food cravings that most people get, but I've got a craving for smashed glass.

"I've had all the glasses taken out of my house and replaced with plastic beakers, which I suppose is good for when the baby arrives but not much fun when you're trying to host a dinner party.

"I'm not angry or anything but I do feel like I might be possessed or something.

"I haven't decided on a name for the baby. I had it down to three for each sex the other day and then someone suggested maybe I should call it Satan.

"I thought, 'Hmm Satan Jones - it's got quite a ring to it.' So I think that's favourite at the moment. Plus it's unisex so it works just as well for a boy or girl."

28/03/2004 10:35