British pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor bravely fought through sickness to appear on live British music show CD:UK on Saturday morning (27SEP03).

Bextor, who was performing MIXED UP WORLD, the first single off her new album, was suffering from a bout of food poisoning which left her vomiting every 10 minutes.

However, despite nearly having to have to pull out from the show, the sexy singer managed to struggle through her performance.

A source on the show says, "She looked very washed out, and a bit green when she arrived.

"She's always been very friendly and chatty when she's been on the show before - but this time she just wanted to get into her dressing room with a bottle of water.

"Two minutes later she rushed out to the toilet to be sick, and her assistant looked really worried.

"It was a nightmare doing her hair and make-up, because she had to keep running for the toilet every 10 minutes!"

29/09/2003 13:54