British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has likened her "sophisticated pop" to Blondie, Prince and DAVID BOWIE - because it's music for adults, made by adults.

The MURDER ON THE DANCEFLOOR hitmaker, 24 - who is three months pregnant with her first baby - is keen to distance herself from acts aimed firmly at younger audiences, because the notion of taking pocket money from kids upsets her.

She says, "Sophisticated pop is not a completely serious title. Basically, when I was growing up pop music was made by adults for adults.

"I'm thinking of people like Blondie, THE Pretenders, Prince, Soft Cell, Human League and David Bowie. Nowadays it feels like pop is very much younger and is all about youngsters' pocket money, and I don't really want to be part of that.

"So I decided to choose another term - sophisticated pop."

12/12/2003 17:16