Sophie Dahl was mortified when gained so much weight her trousers ripped at a party.

The former supermodel - who was celebrated on the catwalk for her fuller figure - was a size 16 when she started her career and admitted overeating caused her some problems in the clothing department.

The now-size eight beauty said: "When I got fat, I went to a grown-up party wearing a pair of trousers which were way, way too tight. I went into this full and terrifying room and dropped something. Of course, I went to pick it up and there was this terrible noise of my trousers splitting.

"I had to simply back out of the room with my hands covering my behind. You can imagine how that felt, about 19 or 20."

The 32-year-old model-turned-chef - who used to pose in photo shoots with her designer clothes pinned at the back because the buttons wouldn't do up - admitted she ate too much because people just "threw food" at her.

She told the Radio Times: "When I started modelling I got a bit fatter, because wherever I went people threw food at me. You know those women who only ever eat salad when they go out? I was never that girl.

"None of the clothes fitted but I didn't mind too much about it. It's just the nature of women in our family. We grow out, and then we grow up."