British supermodel Sophie Dahl is worrying friends as she struggles to deal with her mother TESSA's long spell in an American rehabilitation centre - due to her alarming weight loss.

The stunning blonde's beloved 46-year-old mother has been a patient at the exclusive COTTONWOOD CLINIC in Tucson, Arizona since last year (03). Cottonwood has previously played host to Rowan Atkinson, Naomi Campbell and GERI Halliwell.

A friend of the family says, "Tessa is a long-term patient at the clinic and it is not clear when she will leave. All the family, but particularly Sophie, who is very close to her, is worried sick. They don't know how they're going to help get her back to normal life.

"It is the most bizarre situation. Tessa basically upped and left the family home last summer (03) and hasn't been back since."

Sophie's mother has been the main focus of concern, as the rest of her life has been going well in recent months - she has a publishing contract for a second book, has moved in with her new boyfriend in New York and her recent acting attempt has been met with critical success.

The pal adds, "Sophie's the eldest and closest to her mother. She feels a huge responsibility for her."

02/02/2004 13:31