British supermodel Sophie Dahl is still baffled about the fuss made of controversial perfume advertisements which featured her naked.

The YVES SAINT LAURENT OPIUM ad showing Dahl in the nude and spread-eagled - caused a furore when it first appeared and was even banned in France.

Dahl says of the resulting fuss, "I thought it was amusing. I didn't really see what all the fuss was about.

"Compared to those GUCCI pictures of the girl pulling her knickers down to reveal a 'G' shaven in her pubic hair, they were very mild."

Dahl is so comfortable with the ad that she would even be proud to show it to her grandchildren one day.

She adds, "It's the sort of thing I hope to show my grandchildren and say, 'Look. Grannie's t*ts once went north.'

"When I look at it, all I can think is, 'God, what huge feet I have.'"

22/03/2004 17:53