The man accused of bombarding British model Sophie Anderton with "alarming and distressing" phone messages has been found guilty of harassment.
The reality TV star alleged Paul Davis swamped her cell phone with text messages and calls between January and April last year (09), leaving her scared to go out.
He pleaded not guilty to one charge of harassment, insisting his bipolar disorder left him unable to account for his actions.
But at a hearing at West London Magistrates' Court on Thursday (25Mar10), District Judge Andrew Sweet rejected the argument on the grounds that Davis was recovering from the condition when he sent the messages.
Davis was found guilty of harassment, but escaped jail when the judge handed him an 18-month conditional discharge.
He was also ordered not to contact the model.
Speaking outside the court, Davis says, "They were loony (crazy) texts sent when I wasn't taking my medicine and in a manic place. I believed I was trying to help her because I had read in the papers that she was very troubled."