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We all accept that those who live by the sword die by the sword -and if we live in glass houses we shouldn't chuck stones - Lady Diana was a classic example as she often used the media to upstage Charles and Camilla at the time of her divorce at the end of the day Di paid the ultimate price. Who lost and who gained in this relentless pursuit of a story ? Whatever we may think of Sophie Anderton and most of us will accept that her behavoiur has been very stupid . It doesn't alter the fact that she was deceived by a man wanting drugs and sex and he betrayed the hooker by exposing her to the media. If this story of the Shiek is not admissible as evidence in a criminal court of law, because the evidence was obtained illegally through entrapment. Then on this same standard applied Sophie should have a good legal claim in a civil court for breach of trust and be entitled to damages foreigners coming into this country pretending to be honest and they abuse our women by turning our girls into drug taking prostitutes. Mr Mahood and the News of the world encouraged and immorally profited from a person who was sick, suffering from the illness of cocaine addiction and a bi-polar disorder. The News of the world could have chosen any one from 70,000 known drug dealers but choose to take advantage of a deluded person who was not in complete control of herself at the time of this criminally illegal sting operation. I want Sophie to go for damages because she will win !!!! Regards Paul Davis

Posted 8 years 10 months ago by blue111

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Sophie says "thank god I'm not a bitch" can someone please ask her what her defination of Bitch is!

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by kruger

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hi,i've been watching love island and i just think Sophie is so sad. she moans about everything i just want to throw the tv out the window she annoys me so much. the high light for me was when Victoria threw the bottle of wine over her head she really deserved that. i'd say she's the most hated person on tv at the moment she only thinks of herself. like talking about Biance eating all the time ( hello shes way prettier that her and she has a personality). and the way she went on about Kate you'd swear she was really famous. i don't know why everyone leaves her get away with stuff i'd snap if i had to spend more than five mins with her. what a head wrecker.

Posted 11 years 2 months ago by becks

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