FROM HELL star Sophia Myles was so scared of shooting sex scenes with screen hunk Johnny Depp in the 2001 horror movie, she almost vomited.

The actress, who plays LADY PENELOPE in the new Thunderbirds movie, was paralysed with fear about the prospect of stripping off with Depp - but now regards the role her greatest claim to fame.

She explains, "I flew out to Prague to do this love scene with him and then came home. I was paid money to go to bed with Johnny Depp!

"I remember seeing his car pull up and feeling sick with fear. I said 'Hello,' blushed and had to stop myself from puking all over his boots.

"Sometimes, I'm just sitting at a bus stop and I just want to shout about it. He's a brilliant actor."

21/07/2004 13:27