Italian actress Sophia Loren refused to undergo cosmetic surgery early on in her career even though she was urged to get a nose job by movie industry bosses and her late husband Carlo Ponti.

The Oscar winner began landing movie roles in the 1950s, and she was told changing her face would help further her career, but she stood her ground.

Loren tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I always tried not to listen to these people. They were saying that my nose was too long and my mouth was too big. It didn't hurt me at all because when I believe in something, it's like war. It's a battle.

"But even Carlo said, 'You know the cameramen, they say that your nose is too long. Maybe you have to touch it a little bit.' And I said, 'Listen, I don't want to touch nothing on my face because I like my face (sic). If I have to change my nose, I am going back to (the family home in) Pozzuoli.' At that time, they used to do noses like a French nose with a little tip at the end - they liked that. Can you imagine me with a nose like that?"