Actress Sophia Bush is nursing a severely bruised knee after injuring herself snowboarding. The One Tree Hill star, a newcomer to snowboarding, was holidaying in Whistler, Colorado earlier this month (Jan08) when she took on a slope way beyond her capabilities. She says, "I'm learning to snowboard. I was prepared for the cold with all the layers (of clothing), but the layers didn't help me so much when I ran into the mountain. I landed on part of my knee. I fell on Blackholm (Mountain). "It was my own fault because I took a (skiing) lesson the first day and my instructor told me, 'Don't let your friends take you up the mountain tomorrow, because they're going to try and take you down runs that you're not ready for.' "I went up to Whistler with a couple of guys from work - one of our stunt guys, Paul Johannson, and James Lafferty. And (reality TV star) Stephen Colletti was supposed to come with us, but he'd really hurt his shoulder the week before. So he's going, 'Be careful, it's really icy because it's so cold. Don't fall.' "I'm like, 'I'm not going to hurt myself!' Cut to me laying in this pile on the mountain and I landed just on my knee. "And I had all these little kids from ski school going by - and they're four - and they're shooting around me and I'm thinking, 'This is so humiliating.'" But Bush is grateful that her injury is on the mend. She adds, "Today's the first day that I actually don't have two knee caps (on one knee) and the bruising has gone down a lot."