Actress Sophia Bush turned her back on a future as a cardiovascular surgeon to pursue a career in acting.
The One Tree Hill star scored top marks in the fields of science throughout high school and looked set to embark on a promising future in medicine.
But Bush decided to follow a more creative career path after landing a role in a play - much to the dismay of her parents.
She says, "I actually wanted to get into cardiovascular surgery and I got an arts requirement and I had to do a play and so I went to tell my parents and was like, 'So, about medical school...' I saw that look of total horror on their faces and (it) was like, 'Oh great, you wanna be an actor...'
However, the star is convinced she was destined to do something in the art world - because her father is a photographer.
She adds, "My dad is actually a photographer, which is why I think they had to let me start acting because he turned his hobby into a career."