Given the fact that it's August -- when the box office usually contracts like the images on a funhouse mirror -- the four films that made their debut this past weekend performed reasonably well. Box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian at noted that the No. 1 film, Sony/TriStar's Elysium, which took in $29.8 million, had the best-ever August opening on IMAX screens -- generating $4.9 million on those screens. The No. 2 film, We're the Millers, exceeded all expectations as it brought in $26.4 million -- $37.9 million from Wednesday. Disney's Planes, according to Dergarabedian, produced the highest three-day gross in history for an animated film released in August -- $22.2 million. And 20th Century Fox's Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters opened in line with expectations despite strong competition from other family films, taking in $14.4 million ($23.3 million from Wednesday). He also noted that UTV's Chennai Express, which opened in 196 theaters, broke an opening-weekend record for a Bollywood film with $2.2 million. Overall, the box office was up 15 percent over the same weekend a year ago, when The Bourne Legacy opened with $38.1 million.