CHARLIE'S ANGEL LUCY LIU is struggling to adapt to driving her new TOYOTA hybrid car - because it's so quiet pedestrians don't hear her approaching.

The sexy actress has swapped the speedy PORSCHE vehicle Sony bosses gave her following the success of the first Charlie's Angels movie for a energy-efficient gas and electric hybrid after environmentally conscious pal Cameron Diaz persuaded her to go green.

Liu says, "I'd been driving around in a Porsche without a problem and then I got in the hybrid on the first day and I got pulled over.

"I wasn't even going that fast. It's like getting a ticket on a skateboard. I was going maybe 50 miles-per-hour. It was so embarrassing.

"But the worst thing is, the car is so quiet that I've almost hit a few people a couple of times because they don't hear me coming through."

27/06/2003 09:15